Selina and Sarah's double Bat Mitzvah
Two beautiful girls on a gorgeous Sunday

Bat Mitzvahs are already such a blast to shoot, but a double one??? So cool right.

When I was asked to shoot this event, I wasn't sure how things would go. Two families, two beautiful ladies to photograph, early Sunday morning... how will I split the time just right?? With proper planning and two really extremely fun outgoing girls, ready for anything!!!.. HELLO!!! It was perfect. The day went off with a hitch and the girls blew me away. They were ready and eager to be photographed any which way i suggested. They were fun and enthusiastic about the shoot. They made it so easy for me and my team to capture them in such a natural way.

Their ceremony was equally beautiful, both girls saying such incredible words in front of their friends and family. I felt so proud. Really honoured to have been there for them and to have gotten to share this memory.

Selina and Sarah, I can't wait to see what the rest of your future holds for you!! Thinking of you guys.