Karen and Carmine
Nothing can stop these two!!

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE DAY SATURDAY WAS!!! Where do I start??? Okay, yes it was cold and freezing outside but who cares. Karen and Carmine were the stars of the day and that made everything AMAZING!

We started off the morning at Carmine's house with a good old traditional football game. Yes we did it outside and NO ONE complained LOL. Everyone was so willing to really get out there and make things happened. It was so much fun and such a pleasure to be able to work with people like that.

We met up with Karen at Plaza Volare and unfortunately her mother was a little under the weather, So Alain and I concentrated a bit more time of her beautiful details. My favourite piece to shoot was her brooch bouquet. It was the absolute best piece that finished off her look. Once Karen was ready and it was time to shoot, we decided to stick around the area because we didn't want them to be late for the ceremony. Plaza Volare was really accommodating and allowed us to pretty much shoot anywhere we wished. Amanda, if I haven't said it before... Your a rock star!!

The hour or so we took with Karen and Carmine was magically. Karen's smile really does go on for miles, but her attitude, the silliness, her fun loving character, can really be felt through the images.
I also love the way Carmine looks at her and goes along with anything she does. These two are simply made for each other.

Once again, Alain and I wish you both the absolutely best. We loved Saturday so much. We loved meeting your families and laughing with you all day!!! Still can't believe you guys crashed " Sammy's Gala " LOL, OMG it was so much fun!!! A wedding for the books and one not to be forgotten. THANK YOU xo J