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3 Weddings in 1 day!!!
Please don't let it rain

So I'm not going to tell you that I didn't give myself a migraine on the Thursday before my couples Big Day. I stressed about Saturday every second until SATURDAY came!!! Not because I was worried about my team, I prepared them weeks ago but because it was suppose to be 75% thundershowers on the opening day of our season and because two of the three weddings, were not close to any indoor venues. Also worth mentioning, Alain hates getting his hair wet and I certainly didn't want him upset!!!... so yeah I had a lot to worry about LOL. Instead the day was glorious, the weather cooperated, my team was incredible and Alain's hair stayed dry :). Great news all around. Janine/Anthony, Christina/Giuliano and Daniella/Brent had a day filled with love, happiness, memories and creativity!!!I couldn't be more happier for them all. Enjoy the photos xox J